A Stranger's Dream

In a place far away
I meet a girl she smiles like dawn
Look at her look at her
Suddenly I forgot who I am
I'm the rose beneath her nose

Why are you so beautiful
How did you conquered my heart so easily
I'll find a thousand roses for you and a beautiful lie
I'll steal a kiss from you
Then never kiss you again

Go ahead run away from me
Keep pretending you don't love me
I have kissed you a million times already
I'll find you tonight
I'll tie you up in my dreams
I'll touch your soul
Keep running my dream girl
You'll never get away from my love
The whole world is in my heart

Love me Love me Love me tonight
I've loved you a million years in my dream
A miracle send you into my world
Dance with me Dance with me
Dance with me my love

The pain in the joy
The joy in the pain
Do you understand
Do you understand
Dance this very song for beauty and for love
Dance now so you'll never stop

How could you stop a song with no sound
How could you dry the ocean
How could I ever lose my dream
My heart is full of your beautiful shadows
How could I be lonely anymore

Finally finally I have found out why
You are a magnet
And I have an iron heart

This song should be only played in heaven
How many times can we hear it again
Dance with me my girl
Dance with me my girl
I love you more than my dream

Dreams will come true
Dreams will come true
Who ever believes it
Will make the most beautiful dreams come true
Fall in love again
Fall in love again
Fall in love again
I love you for your beauty

When flowers smile at me I find you
You just wake up from a dream beyond beauty
I want to hear your story
I want to visit your garden

My dream is not blue
My dream is not blue
My dream is not blue
I'll save the blue for the sky and you

Do not bury your big dream by little dreams
Do not spend your life as another life
Concentrate go for your dreams.
Before youth slips away

Do not love me if you don't have wonderful dreams
Do not dream if you don't believe beautiful dreams will come true
Do not dance with me if you don't want to fly
Do not blame me I love you more than myself

My heart flies over the blue shining sky and skies beyond sky
I found your beauty but you turn to all
How could I hold you in my arms
You know I miss you so much
Send me a girl to test my love
I'll love her till I know how much you loved me

If my dear father let me choose a galaxy for gift
I will only ask for your eyes
Every time I look at them
I dissolve

A thousand words less than a kiss
Hundreds of kisses tread a tear
When tears wash away memories of you
I suddenly miss you more
Will you come back to me my love
Will you come back to me my love

You are my only dream lover
I want to tell you a story that no one else can hear
A story that has no words yet you may cry.
But you hunger to hear more when you finally breathe again

A thousand doors in a door
Each door in front of a mirror
Beauty beauty you can't hide away
For each heart has a thousand doors
From each door I'll be after you

You are traveling in the crowd
Day after day night after night
Looking for the only one
If you are not very lonely
How could you ever find her

Should I love you
Should I love you
I want to conquer the world
How could you conquered my heart first
How dare you
How dare you take my dream away
My dream is not blue Not blue

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever found
I want to devote myself to you
May I ask you for a dance
May I wash your feet for you
I don't know why but I love you so much already

You make me forget the world.
You make me do something crazy
I want to marry you marry you my love
You are the most beautiful stranger

There is one in many
There is one not the same
There is one you can't forget
There is one you haven't conquered
If you want to steal my heart
Bring me a rose and kiss me hot

Are you going to love me
Should I keep waiting for you
I asked the stars a million times
they haven't spoken to me yet
But I know but I know
When the last star falls asleep
There is still a candle in my heart
Warming me with soft dreams of you

Let my arms become your pillow
Let my lips become your lips
Let me hold you tight
Let me taste your soul
Beautiful stranger
I know you are not brave enough

Please dance with me
So I can write the most beautiful poem
Please love me love me for real
So I'll sing the most beautiful song
Make love to me
You are my final love

Are you lonesome little girl
Are you so lonesome tonight
May I tell you a story just like your dream
It's so wonderful that even I can't remember it all
A story about a beautiful beautiful little girl

Try to see your beauty
I travel around the world
Try to show you my heart
I read every beautiful poem
Oh my dream girl
I don't know how gorgeous you are
You don't care how crazy I love you
But Venus knows how jealous she can be

Love is beauty
Beauty surfs on beauty
Beauty is love
Love swims in love
Stop your dancing Take a look at me
What are they saying
What are they saying

The morning golden silk
The evening snow
When love is calling
Don't ever turn around

Oriole oriole
I know what's your song
But do you know my dream
Do you know my dream

My dream is not to conquer the world
My dream is not to see the final truth
My dream is not your kiss or your tears
My dream is to return to that evening
When you showed me a dream catcher
Say goodbye silently.

Grandly love once more in your life
Grandly dance once more in you life
Love the most beautiful one
Do not miss another chance

Drunk in the moment awake
Awake in the moment drunk
Draw a rainbow in your daydream
She will give me a ring tonight
Who knows the secret and won't tell

A wonderful dream is going on
You are too thirsty to wake up
Have a drink named life
There are skies beyond sky
There is love within love
If your heart is still young
Fall in love with me
We'll share a drink of blue old wine

Find a dream find a dream
Without a dream where are you going
Find a love find a love
Without a beautiful lover
What could you dream

Tomorrow I may have a long trip
Please leave me a wonderful memory
Give me a sweet kiss beautiful strange
Tonight is right on time in heaven
The golden boy marries the glory girl

I have a bottle of wine and a half a dozen roses
Will you spend a night with me
Would you like to hear my tender love song
that I wrote for you last spring
Will you help me to finish my dream
Will you stay with me every night after tonight

Sometimes life is just like a dream
Maybe something wonderful just happened to you
A beautiful dream that you'll never forget
Oh the sweet kiss from a beautiful stranger

I love you but should I let you know
You have your lover
You may have to leave
Why should I tell my secret love to make you cry
I want you to marry me
Forget the lucky one
Fall in love with me
I'll let you know how much I really love you in my dream
Forever dream

A pretty woman many men love
A bright woman loves many men
The prettiest woman falls in love with the craziest man
For she is pretty for him and he is crazy for her
For they can't find better challenge anymore

I'm chasing a prettier one in the mirror
I'm hunting the most beautiful one in the crowd
If my mirror is the world I'll never find her
If the world is my mirror where can I find myself

There is only love that makes you prettier
There is only beauty that makes you love deeper
Maybe you'll always be lonesome.
But you don't care anymore
For you know what you want already

Life is fireworks
Life is a shooting star
Life is a master of dreams
Your dream is a beautiful secret
One day you'll shine on my heart

You could be the center of the universe
This moment could be a turning point of the world
Love is your only chance
Beauty is the only direction

There is a wine drank it you'll never drunk again
There is a dream dreamt it you'll never wake up
There is a boat ride it you'll become Ocean
True love has no name

When you find your face shining in the mirror
you should believe you are a very lucky man
You have been choosing to dream a wonderful dream
Dance you best

There was no sin before you lost love
There is no more beauty before you love again
Love with a broken heart
love the whole world
Love till dawn
Return your soul to the sun

Have some
Because it is nowhere to buy
Have some
Because it has no promise
Have some
Next time it will be different
Let me have some of your beauty
Let me have some of your love

When my mind gets too used to burn
When my body gets to numbed to fly
How can I find another challenge from you
Darling I love you, but I have to go
I am a midnight dancer
Every night I dance for a new lover

If you love me true
Do not give me a ring
Give me faith so I can fly
Give me beauty so I can get high
Give me a beautiful dream so I can soar
Then I may find true love for you

Do you really have a dream
Do you really have a dream
Don't bury your big dream with small dreams
Don't bury your big dream with small dreams

Spring comes again
Birds hurry to sing
New green covers the ground
My heart is high and light
Where are you my love
Where are you my love

Don't watch my dancing become my music
Don't chase my heart open your web of love
Don't love me don't love me for real
I'll bring you a blue sky
Then we'll fly

You are looking for your other half
Your other half is looking for you
What's the chance you'll meet in a crowd
Please remember the secret signal
When I kiss your hand I'll bite it

Love is only cure
Beauty is entire dream
Dance with someone you love tonight
Dance all night long my girl.
Tomorrow you'll go to another town

My heart is a quite lake
God always look down there
Chase a beautiful girl's shadow
She is my dream girl
When God wants to see her dance
Big wind will blow against my hair
God God I know you want her too
But I'll never give up my love

Dance like cloud
Think like blue
Dream like a butterfly
Make love like a dream

This heart is for sale
For a prettier heart
This life is a gift
That I may name it
This dream will come true
I'll conquer your blue

Come to me like a tornado
Kiss me before I think
Melt me with your fire of love
Burn yourself and burn me out
I can't struggle anymore

Will you love me tonight
Will you love me tonight
Tomorrow is too far away from my dream
My dream is to dance with you until dawn
Invite Sun God watching our wedding

May I become soft wind
Dancing over the lake of your heart
May I become the rain
Oh the rain in the Bible
How much could I love you
Tell me in a dream

Rainbow rainbow don't fly away
Waiting for me to follow you
Let me pull your skirt
Take me to the wonderland
I want to meet my dream girl
I want to meet my dream girl

Who can make me high
Who can make me cry
Who can take me to fly
Where are you my love

Hurry to get drunk
Hurry to get drunk
Wine isn't much left
Spring is almost gone

I know what's your dream
To be the most beautiful one
To be the most beautiful one
To be the most beautiful one
Because your heart says so

I see your blue eyes
I know your secret love
I can't wait to hold you tide
Bare your feet come to me
Love me forget the whole world

I want to be the spring butterfly
Fly in the woods looking for you
I want to be the summer sunshine
Whisper your name in every pumping heart
I want to be the red fallen leaves
Dancing for your every autumn
I want to be a snowman
Standing in front of your yard in the winter morning
I'll love you forever

A lonely beautiful dream
Slowly dancing in my heart
Met a beauty I can't forget her
High above high where to fly

Are you my dream lover
Are you my dream lover
Are you my dream lover
Fall in love with me
Fall in love with me
Forget the whole world

Full moon is not the most beautiful moon
Let Sunny waste away
Let snow falls and dry
I'm not going to fall in love again
She took my dreams away

Last call
Last drink
Last song
Last dance
Last night
Last love
I'll miss you more tomorrow

Time slowly goes by
In the mirror of your heart
What do you see
I see beautiful memories fade away
And I see hope
One day we will become one
Be a red flying balloon
Be a blue shooting star
Beauty in dust
I love you no sorrow

On a winter's morning
I'll look at the sunrise and think of you
On a spring afternoon
I'll watch the sunset and think of you
My life is rich
My trip is lonesome

I met you before
I still remember your name
Beauty beauty
I love you for real

Beautiful stranger
How can I let you go
Such beauty I'll never meet again
Please stay stay stay
Let me look at you another century

My heart has buried a thousand deserts for you
If a whisper could be a thunderstorm
Will you whisper to me
Will you whisper to me

Soften your eyes to see a tender crowd
Burning your heart to create a shining world
Live a happy beautiful lover.
Die a happy beautiful butterfly

Do not dream litter dreams with me
Do not give me rose and poem
If you find treasure in your heart
Show me the broken map of love

Long for a dream to be in love
To love someone with all my heart
With all my soul and never fall
If I can yell a name to the sky
If that name could be my bride
If you already love me in secret

Beauty survives in my dream
My dreams hasn't come true yet
But I believe that one day
your heart will melt in the fire burning in my heart

May I love you now?
May I kiss you now?
There is a feeling I never had before.
Will you take me home
Will you get me high
There is a feeling I never had before
Girl Girl Why you smile at me tonight

When I see you I can't get drunk anymore
When I see you I love you so much already
How sweet is your kiss
How lonesome are your arms
Girl! Girl! Will you take me home
My wife is not around

Your are a bee of love
Don't try to find the purple rose
Don't waste your life
Taste the honey in every flower you find.
Because you may break your wings before you ever find her
Just like me. Just like me
Still love that purple buried in my heart

One day when your dreams finally come true
Will you be still young and pretty
Leave a lip print on my mirror
Leave a lip print on my mirror

I'm a bad thief
Every time I see you
I steal something from
your eyes
your ears
your hair
your lips
your secret heart
I won't give you anything back until I give you a ring

Drunk fall asleep on beauty's knee
Wake up dance with big wind
I toast to the moon
I miss my purple rose

How flowers bloom
How moonlights swim
How beauty cry
How Gods fly
Girl Girl Close your eyes watch me
Let me make love to my dream

Time fade away in your feelings
Life isn't a sad poem
If you have a red balloon
fly it in the sun
If you have a red balloon
fly it in the sun
Summer will soon be gone

Moon light tender as water
I feel like a sea prince
But where is my mermaid
Girl! Girl! I hate to dance alone
Will you love me tonight
Will you love me tonight

In my heart there is a sweet dream
In my dream there is a sweet heart
Sweat heart sweet heart
Peace of mind is not far
Until you love me true

Think of you in the morning
Think of you in the evening
Beautiful world is all around
Without you I feel so blue

Think of you when I am drunk
Think of you when I am wake
Sweet time is always young
Without you I feel so blue

Blue sky blue ocean
Blue is blue
I sing a blue song
I dream a blue dream
Until you love me true

I miss you I miss you
When the sunshine laughs at me
I miss you I miss you
When flowers smile at me
How can I fly away
Fly to your dream
Become a butterfly
Become a butterfly

I miss you I miss you
You lonesome moon girl
I miss you I miss you
You crazy moon girl
How can I fly away
Fly to your dream
Another butterfly
Another butterfly

Daughter of the moon has a thousand faces
Each of her faces there is two stars
In a star night she came to my dream
Taught me how to fly
Taught me how to fly

Daughter of the moon owes me a thousand kisses
Each of her kisses will make me cry
In a star night she came to my dream
Taught me how to fly
Taught me how to fly.

My heart is a star sky
Waiting for moonlight
My heart is a yellow butterfly
Dreaming rose red

Come to my dream
Ride the moon light
Don't wake me up
Don't dry my wine
Who's tear on my pillow

Come to my dream
Follow night wind
kiss me tender
kiss me again
Who's tear on my pillow

From the sky I were fly
Found a water wash my feet
By the river names blue
Meet a girl she loves blue

I drink water you drink wine
Rose all dry you still red
Where to find blue dye this night
Tears of moonlight smile on my wine

Wish you lonesome night
Wish you lonesome dream
When the river sings blue
You shouldn't drink my blue

Night night night night beauty
Will you show me your game
Star sky chess board
First move your turn

Night night night night girl
Dare you drink all my wine
Flower carpet moon pillow
Half drunk till dawn

Last night I met a rainbow girl
She lost a sandal in my dream

Open your palm dividing above and below
Reach your arm defining east and west
Point a finger tingling the sun
Kiss the moon with soft dreams